Few rules to follow as much is possible !

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Few rules to follow as much is possible !

Post  Ambullance on Tue Jun 15, 2010 1:05 pm

First of all , ACTIVITY ! ... you need to be an active player or to play regular .

For any sign of inactivity for 2 weeks you will be kicked out from guild . If we want to make something nice , fun and good together , we need to be active enough!

Stay and play together guys ! Help guildies ( if they need something and you can give them a hand ) as much as you can !

Saying "hello" or "gbye" on loggins is a sign of respect for the guild and his players !

Guild colours ON all the time please . Those are royal red ( for cest and weapons ) and black for the rest ( if u wanna keep emblem on for cloaks , its allright ) !

For any problem , sugestion or any idea , talk with guild master or with the officers in guild !![/b][u]


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