Hope ull read this guys !

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Hope ull read this guys !

Post  ambullan on Mon Jul 12, 2010 1:16 pm

... well ... with all my respect , Loha and Snoll , and with all what u did for guild forum that we r using , IF you wont gifv us a sign in game ( like playing some with us ofc ) i need to kick u out of guild guys , sorry again . Like i said all the time , we need here only active players to have some fun together and if u guys not playing here , we cant do shit . Is not so nice to have like 80 ppl in guild and when u want to make something fun or play some , to not have with who . Guilds r not for joining just like that to have a guild name under ur name in game ... this is more that that . Please , be here in next 3 days to talk about that or ... like i said , sorry for kicking u out . This message is also for all who joined and didnt played like they pretended that they doing ....


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